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Memorial Snook Tournament Results

1st place Bob Ulrich 43 inches -$3,000 plus $400 Calcutta Prize
2nd place - Saki Halikos -  42 inches - $1,500       
             3rd place -  Mike Wells - 38 inches - $1,000 
 4th place - Dave Mize - 38 inches - $750
5th place -  Lee Krieg - 36.5 inches - $400
6th place - Steve Brownlee - 36.5 inches - $125
7th place - Mike Ferguson - 36 inches - $100
8th place - Tim Sullivan - 36 inches - $100
9th place - Ron Kirkland - 35.5 inches - $100
10th place - Louis Garcia - 35 inches - $100

1st place Bob Ulrich

2nd place Saki Halikos

3rd place Mike Wells

4th place Dave Mize

5th place Lee Krieg

6th place Steve Brownlee

7th place Mike Ferguson

8th place Tim Sullivan

9th place Ron Kirkland

10th place Louis Garcia

2009 John Patterson Memorial Snook Tournament Rules

Cast nets may be used for the taking of baitfish only.

This is a sporting event; all fish must be taken on rod and reel.  Using  live or artificial baits.

You may not venture more than 200 yards from your boat while wade fishing.

Please observe all no wake zones. Fishing inside of Florida Power Plant is off limits.

No items may be passed between boats after your boat checks out, unless in case of an emergency.  No bait, 
tackle etc are allowed to change boats.

You may make landfall to refuel, eat, bathroom, etc if necessary.

In an event of a tie, the first boat checked in will win.

Each angler is eligible for one prize only.  If angler has 2 fish as possible winners, the biggest prize will be awarded.

All protests must be received before 4:30pm.

All prizes are based on the number of anglers signed up in the tournament.

All photos turned in must include angler number card, measuring board and entire fish to be eligible.  Any photos 
not showing the required information will be penalized 2 inches, plus what the judges feel is the correct length.

Pinching of the tail may be done, but NO HANDS or FINGERS can block the measurement stick in the photo.

Tournament fishing hours are from 10:00pm July 18th to 4:00pm July 19th. Check-in opens at 1:00pm at Boys & Girls 
Club of Tarpon Springs, 111 West Lime Street, Tarpon Springs, FL. 34689.

  Any angler not at weigh in at 4:00pm will be disqualified.

  You may fish as many rods as you wish.

 The use of Polaroid cameras is MANDATORY, no digital cameras allowed. Also, pictures and measuring boards must 
be turned into judges by 4pm.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

  Any boat caught speeding in the no wake zones will be disqualified from tournament.

 Boundaries are from Homosassa to the north, and Johns Pass to the south.  All rules will be discussed at the 
captain’s meeting on July 18th at 7pm at Boys & Girls Club at 111 West Lime St. Tarpon Springs, FL 34689.

Each Angler will receive their angler number and measuring stick at the captains meeting.

Each angler agrees to abide by the tournament rules.  You accept full responsibility for your safety and conduct.  
21.   By signing the tournament application you agree to follow the rules and conditions of the tournament listed above.

 All decisions of the judges are final. 

23.  All anglers understand that all applicable taxes will be the responsibility of each winner.  Also, each angler will not hold the event hosts., tournament staff or sponsors responsible for any injuries or damages caused by others or themselves.  Each angler will indemnify the tournament hosts,  tournament staff or sponsors against any and all liability incurred during this fishing tournament.


All registered anglers consent that the tournament may use, without payment or restriction,

any photographs and or promotional videos in which he or she appears for any purpose whatsoever.  Including

but not limited to, resale advertising, or promotional material.





If weather conditions are deemed unsuitable prior to the start of the tournament by the judges, the
tournament will take place on the  following weekend.



























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